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Fireplace & Fire Pit Without a doubt, the whole business of designing and building fireplaces and fire pits is not a job for just anyone. More than simply laying brick after brick, fireplace design and fire pit installation entail unmatched expertise and creativity on the part of the landscape contractor.

These are the reasons why you should be wary of fire pit installation and fireplace design companies that claim to provide the best outdoor fireplace design and build results. Oftentimes, such companies promise too much but deliver too little.

Good thing you've come to our site.

Here at Custom Masonry Stone Works, we provide top notch fireplace installation services that are in line with our thrust of offering best value-for-money custom fire pits and fireplaces. Aside from this, we also have other qualities that you will surely find irresistible. But first, let's discuss everything about fireplaces and fire pits.

Designing and Building your Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Fireplace & Fire Pit Fireplaces have two classifications—indoor and outdoor.

An indoor fireplace is usually made from bricks, wood, or natural stones. It has a firebox, where one could put either wood or gas to start a fire; and a chimney, where smoke from the fire gets out.

An outdoor fireplace, meanwhile, looks similar to an indoor fireplace; however, it usually has a hearth that is sloping slightly outward to keep water or snow from going inside the fireplace and getting it wet and useless.

Fire pits, on the other hand, are generally built outdoors. They could be placed in a spot near a pergola or an outdoor dining area where homeowners and their guests could huddle and chat during outdoor dinners or get-togethers. Fire pits are also great for barbecue parties as they also double as a grill where you could whip up home-cooked meals.

Most fire pits are made of bricks and natural stones to withstand the elements. Although portable fire pits seem to be the trend these days, fixed fire pits are still the design of choice among professional fire pit installation contractors because of their stability and strength. They also eliminate the need to clean up and store after every use, as is the case with portable fire pits.

Why Choose Custom Masonry Stone Works?

Fireplace & Fire Pit Sure, there are lots of landscape companies offering fire pit installation and fireplace design services all over Texas. But be wary—there are some who may give you sub-standard landscape services.

Here are some reasons why you should hire us:

  • We can design and build fire pits and fireplaces based on your preferences. We also accommodate your own concept or ideas if you want to, but if not, we could just design a unique one for you.
  • Our design easily complements the overall theme of your home and of your entire landscape.
  • We employ only the best people in the fire pit installation and fireplace design business to give clients with the needed expertise, creativity, and dedication to create the best fire pits and fireplaces possible.
  • We source our materials only from the industry's best providers to ensure top quality and beautiful fire pits and fireplaces.

Additionally, we provide services to various areas all over Texas, including Houston, Woodlands, Bellaire, Sugarland, Fort Bend, Pearland, Kingwood, and many more.

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