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Ponds & Water Features Ponds and water features cannot provide the superb harmony, beauty, and natural therapeutic effects without delicate design, careful installation, and regular maintenance. Only an experienced landscaping company can fulfill this. If you are residing in Texas, Custom Masonry Stone Works is the right company for you.

Our company is more than just another pool contractor. We are a company dedicated to adding livable and stylish outdoors that are unique in Houston, Sugarland, Bellaire, and other cities in Texas.

Unique Water Features

Ponds & Water Features Have you ever encountered two or more backyards that feature a similar design and size pond, water fountain, or other water feature? Welcome to the real world! Swimming pools are replicated thousands of times. Going for the kit will only mean using a copycat.

Many construction companies still use pre-made water features, but we want to be different. We create and recreate styles so you can be sure that the pond or any other water features that you own is uniquely yours. We prioritize high-quality craftsmanship and a high sense of creativity.

Leave the pond and water feature construction to us, and we'll create the most beautiful water scene for landscape setting.

Size Doesn't Matter

No worries if your Rosenberg yard is too small for a pool or if the vacation villa in Pearland is too large for a minimalist water fountain. Our design team will survey the area and suggest the best water features for it.

With us, size will never matter. In fact, we have worked from small to large construction projects. These are not just ordinary construction projects, but projects that require creativity and delicate taste for high sense of style.

Water Features for Small and Large Backyards

Ponds & Water Features For small yards, we typically add small-scale water features. If the life-size replica of a lake is impossible, then we'll create a small pond that's big enough for small fish and maybe three to five water lilies. Cascading waterfalls are also perfect for a small area. These can be added as accent for a retaining wall, a blank wall or wide stairs.

Pool installation is also possible even in a narrow landscape. A two or three foot wide, 20 foot long pool is enough for some splashing fun. Better yet, do not call this a pool, but a spa bath. Just like an Indian or Chinese inspired water fountain for that tropical and oriental feel.

Although small, a spa is also great for a large landscape. Simply add this to a more elaborate water fall or have this as an extension of a huge swimming pool. Speaking of pools, our swimming pools for wide areas typically have irregular shapes. Round and rectangular pools are things of the past. The trend today is recreating the pool to make it look like a natural body of water.

Customized Water Features for Your Landscape

There are countless possibilities for ponds and water features. Delimiting your choices to what are best can be daunting and intimidating. Our team will help you.

We carefully design swimming pools, ponds, fountains and other water features to make sure that they will complement the area while having your preferred qualities. With your ideas and our creativity, we can make your dream water feature a reality.
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