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Improving the outdoor living space is a great thing to do if you want to experience more comfort, fun and a better area for relaxation. It is common for Texas homeowners to plan for a rock garden while others may want to enhance the outdoors by adding an attractive pathway. A patio is also a common addition to a landscaped area.

Perfect Materials for Outdoor Living Spaces

Flagstone, Slate & Bricks However you if you cccwish to create an entertaining outdoor living space, the perfect materials to use are flagstone, slate, and bricks. All of these materials possess durability and aesthetic appeal, which can truly give you the worth of your investment.

But it is not enough that you have the perfect materials. It should be installed by qualified people who are well-experienced in the use and installation of flagstone, slate, and bricks. Don't try your luck in choosing inexperienced landscaping contractors. Better choose a reliable and tested landscaping company who can turn a piece of flagstone into a durable driveway or patio.

Characteristics of Flagstone, Slate and Bricks

Flagstone, Slate & Bricks Flagstones, slates and bricks can provide that classic appeal when installed properly. Although these materials nearly share the same purposes, their characteristics still differ in so many ways. Flagstone for instance, is a sedimentary rock with flat form. This comes in different colors like red, blue and brown. Flagstone installation is preferred by residents of Texas because of the unique look it creates due to its irregular shape.

Meanwhile, slate is a metamorphic rock that is popularly used for utilitarian and decorative purposes. This material also comes in many colors, which is determined by the minerals contained by the stone. For instance, chlorite produces green and hematite produces red color. The stone can also appear streaked, spotted or mottled. Another thing that is unique about slate is that it can be turned into thin plates.

Bricks, on the other hand, are known for its standardized form. Bricks are basically a small block of cooked clay that comes in plain rectangular forms. Unlike flagstone and slate, bricks come in one color only. However, bricks are popular for its durability.

Applications of Flagstone, Slate and Bricks

Flagstone, Slate & Bricks The varying characteristics of flagstone, slate and bricks affect their landscape applications. Flagstone can be used for paving and for beautifying fences, patios, walkways, fireplaces and roofs. Flagstone installation is also applicable for retaining walls and water features like fountains.

Slate is largely used for decorating purposes, too. This can be used to enhance the design of water features and to top off or border plants. Slates can also be used for ground cover and building a structure.

Meanwhile, bricks can practically be applied to almost any masonry structure. Bricks make wonderful walkways, driveways and patios. Bricks are also ideal for wall cladding.

Hire the Experts in Stone Works Application

When it comes to the installation of these materials, Custom Masonry Stone Works is your best choice. We are well-experienced in the use and installation of slates, bricks or flagstones whether it is for your patios, walkways or decks.

Our skilled masons and designers can come up with a great design combination out of these materials. The flexibility in the application and the unique characteristic of flagstones, slates and bricks make them the best materials for stunning stone works.

Start the transformation of your landscape today. Use flagstones and slates. But don't forget to call us for the best results. We have been using these materials in almost all of our landscaping projects in major locations in Texas including Houston, Richmond, Fort Bend, Kingwood and Rosenberg.
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