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Although concrete can be crafted to look like natural stones, it can never be as beautiful as the veneer stone. With veneer stone installation, it is possible to enjoy the genuine elegant look of natural stones if practicality is of main concern.

What are Veneer Stones?

Veneer Stone Stone veneers are installed over a material for decorative and protective purposes. Every piece is typically one inch thick and weighs less than 15 pounds for every square foot. This is light enough to stay on the surface without adding any structural support like a small bracket.

With veneer stone installation, a boring concrete wall or an outdated ceiling can be transformed into a sophisticated and brand new surface. Each piece is secured by a special mixture that acts as its adhesive. The finished surface may also be coated for extra protection or that glossy look. After the work, no one can ever tell that the surface is simply covered by stone veneers.

Natural or Synthetic Veneer Stone

Veneer Stone Stone veneers provide that sophisticated feel that no decorative concrete or tile can ever give. No wonder why this construction material becomes increasingly popular in Kingwood, Kemah, Friendswood, and the rest of Texas. It is so popular that manufacturers have taken advantage of the industry by introducing the synthetic or faux stone veneer.

Unlike the natural stone veneer that has to be quarried and cut, the synthetic veneer is a molded and hardened concrete mixture. This has excellently copied the aesthetics appeal of the original that a casual observer can never tell the difference. Experts can very well tell the difference, though.

Natural veneer stones add an incomparable structural support to the surface that no synthetic alternative can do. They also last longer than the synthetic ones because natural stones are undoubtedly durable materials that can last for hundreds of years. Synthetic veneers have the tendency to chip and crack after a while.

You'll also love the aesthetic aspect of the natural veneer stones because of their subtle difference in color, shape and size while synthetic veneers are uniform.

Perhaps the only advantage of the faux veneer stone is its lightness. No worries about that, too, because our natural veneer stones can be cut into your customized thickness. In the end, there is no good reason to choose the fake stone over the real, authentic and genuine choice.

Real Masonry Lasts Forever

Veneer Stone Besides going for natural, another factor that affects the quality of the finished surface is the veneer stone installation. Inexperienced professionals tend to install stone veneers inappropriately. Instead of saving some bucks, you might end up spending a lot more.

Natural stone veneer installation must be done correctly the first time. And that is only possible with skilled and experienced masons like us. Masonry is a highly durable form of construction. Not everyone has the patience and passion to study the art for years. Only our team has the best masons in Texas, which makes us proud and confident that our kind of veneer stone installation is really one of a kind.
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